Waiting on the Proposal

By June 19, 2018Solar Sales Tracker

Waiting on the Proposal

For closers in the solar industry, waiting on the proposal can be the worst part of their job. They can’t understand what could be taking so long to get the proposal back to the customer. Closers are always in danger of a customer changing their minds and losing the sale, which is exactly why Solar Sales Tracker came to fruition. Solar Sales Tracker is the all-in-one solar software that will help any solar company initiate a sale and see it through to the end of the installation. Not only will Solar Sales Tracker keep the customer informed of the progress of their solar panel installation, but it will also notify them if there is a problem.

The number one complaint from solar consumers is not being informed of delays in their solar panel system. It’s impossible to foresee these delays, but at least the customer will know sooner that there are a problem and plan for it. A solar panel system is expensive, and the customer feels like they deserve the best when it comes to customer service. They don’t want to be looked at as a paycheck; they want to know the money they are paying for their solar panel system is valued. By keeping them informed of the entire process, they can check on the next step anytime without making a phone call. Solar Sales Tracker gives everyone that is associated with the job notifications as to what they hold up is and when it is expected to be resolved. Never before has a more efficient solar software been invented.

Solar Sales Tracker is the only software that solar companies will need to sell solar panel systems as well as install, and keep the customer happy. If the customer isn’t happy with their system, they won’t tell their neighbors about it, and you might as well move onto another neighborhood. Don’t make that mistake, try Solar Sales Tracker today.

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