The Most Profitable Neighborhoods

By June 12, 2018Solar Sales Tracker

The Most Profitable Neighborhoods

If you don’t have Solar Sales Tracker to track who is installing solar panels, you could be missing out on the most profitable neighborhoods. Solar Sales Tracker’s Geolocation Management Software is built with the solid framework of Google Maps integrated with our data-tracking software. Our software easily tracks everything from leads, sales, neighborhood demographics, and sell zones.

Solar Sales Tracker is paving the way for solar companies to easily track their jobs from start to finish and be notified immediately if there is a delay. Solar customers can also track their progress in Solar Sales Tracker, so they know exactly when their job is scheduled and when it will be completed. This feature gives the information to the customer when they need it, without having to make a phone call.

There are several times in any construction job that supplies or contractors are held up. Maybe the contractor is held up with another job, or the supplies were lost in shipping. Once the notification comes through that there is going to be a delay; it can quickly be entered into Solar Sales Tracker, so everyone working on the job is alerted to the delay. The customer will also receive a notification, so they know exactly what is taking longer than what was promised and plan their schedule around the delay. These tend to be unforeseen circumstances that can’t be avoided because they are out of the control of the employee overseeing the installation job. At least with Solar Sales Tracker, there will never be a gap in communication.

Finding areas that are responding to solar panels can be daunting and frustrating for the sales department. Since a salesperson’s job relies heavily on if they make a sale or not, they need the areas that respond the most. Solar Sales Tracker can give them that information, so they don’t have to spend countless days or weeks without closing a sale.

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