Quick Solar Sales Proposal

Imagine a Proposal in 3 Clicks, it’s Coming (currently in beta)

This tool is meant for speed and simplicity. The quick solar sales proposal application allows solar companies to close more business faster. Add the segments you want or create new ones. Save templates and Configs to remove the hassle of filling out repetitive information. Dynamically update the entire proposal by simply selecting different finance options. The whole process takes about a minute.

There are plenty of excuses your employees give to not get things done, don’t let “waiting on the proposal” be one of them.

Proposal In 3 Clicks

Need a proposal quickly? Our new Quick Proposal tool can be ready to rock in about the time it took to read this.

Preset Configs

Use the same type of panels and inverters over and over again? Add them to your configs along with everything else.

Custom Templates

Use a pre-built template, or design your own. Our template is customizable and HTML friendly so you can have it your way.

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