Proposal Overview

By July 5, 2018Solar Sales Tracker

Proposal Overview

Solar Sales Tracker provides a unique way to provide a proposal overview to your solar customers without having to wait for a proposal writer to finish designing the solar panel system. Your customers will know immediately what their solar system will look like on their roof and how much it’ll cost. The proposal overview will even go over how long the system will take to install. The customer will know everything right up front, which is what every customer needs to feel a strong relationship to your business.

Solar Sales Tracker Quick Solar Sales Proposal Tool is meant for speed and simplicity. A solar design can take days to complete, but if there was a way to design a solar panel system while the salesman is sitting with the customer, the hardest part of the process could be complete. The salesman could then leave the customer’s home with a signature and a completion date, already streamlining the installation process. Designing a solar panel system can be tricky, but with an efficient design tool that allows complete manipulation of the panels on the roof, the whole process can take just minutes versus days.

If a solar company has software in place that their employees are required to use; selling solar panel systems shouldn’t be an issue. But, if that solar software doesn’t have a proposal feature, the salesman has a disadvantage because he/she can’t give the customer a clear picture of how their solar panel system would look. Solar Sales Tracker is the best and only option for any thriving solar sales company. It is the only software that will track the entire solar process, from beginning to end and make it easier for the customer and the solar installation company to track the job.

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