Integrated Solar CRM

If we have a theme, it’s INTEGRATION.

With our integrated solar CRM added directly into our software, we are able to shave time and money from your overhead. How? By eliminating the need to re-enter lead and customer information over and over again. This save time and money while simultaneously quelling human error and the need for extra staff. An integrated solar CRM should be smart, friendly and have a certain level of automation so you can get back to what you do best, selling and installing.

We are also constantly improving our software so you always stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

Full History

In each lead, get a continuous record displaying the full history, so you know who's done what.

Custom Images

Add custom image types, upload and store them in your leads; do the same with documents.

Custom Fields

Create your own custom fields, add whatever info you deem necessary, to your lead form.

Manage Workflow

Know where your job is at any point in time, right from the lead with integrated milestones.

Electrical Usage

Gather electrical usage and previous billing information directly from the lead form.

Robust Appointments

Set appointments as needed for any position, reschedule and even confirm internally.

From Lead To Installation