Customizable Milestones

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Customizable Milestones

Your unique way of doing business can be automated using our customizable Milestone system with Solar Sales Tracker. If you can automate, you can scale. If you can scale without any deals falling through the cracks, the sky’s the limit. Solar Sales Tracker wants to make every aspect of your solar business as easy as possible to navigate. Every solar company has always needed an app like Solar Sales Tracker, and now it’s here; it’s easier than ever to use.

Solar companies use various systems to track everything from leads to installation, and each employee of the company has to know how to navigate each system. This way of doing business is too hard for employees to learn and they typically leave after a short while because the business isn’t running efficiently. Employees always look for easier ways to do the hard things because it makes their day go better and they can get more accomplished. As a solar business owner, why not give them the tools they need to succeed right out of the gate? What solar companies have to understand is the way they are running their business is obsolete, especially with the inception of Solar Sales Tracker. Solar companies don’t need countless spreadsheets and different systems to track what Solar Sales Tracker can do in its software.

Whether your solar business is large or small, Solar Sales Tracker is the software to get you where you want to be. Solar Sales Tracker has been a game changer for many solar companies and can do the same for your company. With our great staff to provide support and answer all of your questions, there isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t try Solar Sales Tracker. We are, without a doubt, the best option when it comes to running your business efficiently. There isn’t any other software on the market today that comes close to doing what Solar Sales Tracker can.   

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