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Our Story

Creating a better way to solar

The vision of a single application that tracks all aspects of solar sales and installation was born out of sheer frustration. In the solar sales industry, leads are tracked in one application while site surveys and permitting are tracked in another. Some information is transferred between systems electronically but other information is transferred by hand. Sending emails to keep everyone informed is a task too easily forgotten. There are too many systems and too many opportunities for errors and lost business.

Solar sales businesses wanted a better method, but it didn’t exist. That’s when one frustrated owner pitched an idea to a web development group – create a single software application that can handle everything from setting up leads to completed installation. The seeds of Solar Sales Tracker were planted.

The development team determined several fundamental criteria that drove the creation of the software:

  • Every possible aspect of the cycle must be handled digitally – even document signatures.
  • All data must be handled by the software and must be available to all permitted parties instantly.
  • Managers must be able to get any statistics they need in real-time.
  • There must never be any per-transaction fees for any feature.
  • Individual companies must be able to customize the software to their particular needs.
  • Canvassers and closer should be able to see the exact commissions they’ve earned at any given moment.
  • Solar system customers should be able to monitor each step in the process.

After 3 years of development, their vision is now a reality. And the commitment to continuous improvement ensures that Solar Sales Tracker will always be several steps ahead of any other system on the market.

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Our mission

Solar Simplified

We believe solar should be simple, innovative and affordable, that’s why our mission is simple, SOLAR SIMPLIFIED.

To us this means providing world-class, industry-leading software which encompasses, expedites, optimizes, and enhances the solar sales and installation process by providing all the necessary tools in a single, easy-to-use application. Furthermore it is our intention to not only be an influencer, but to actually pioneer new industry standards for a streamlined secure segway to a greener and more profitable future for homeowners and solar providers alike. By keeping costs down through efficiency, solar providers can ultimately provide more homeowners and businesses with an affordable path to abundant clean energy and in turn a greener world for everyone.

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