From Lead To Installation, Our Solar Sales Software


Finally, a Solar Sales Software to organize and automate your business.

If you don’t start automating key processes early on it can be a lot harder to grow, especially when you’re keeping track of leads vs. opportunities, site surveys, the permit process, scheduling for installation, and keeping your team on track. This is where our Solar Sales Software Shines.

Here is what to expect…

CRM Command Center

Run your entire business from one dashboard.

All the tools you need to run your business are at your fingertips (i.e. CRM, Calendars, Scheduler, Map and Pinning, etc.) Furthermore, everything is mobile friendly so you can also use on your mobile device.

Milestone System WIth Built-in alerts

Have your own unique process? Automate it with our Milestones!

We don’t tell you how to run your business, we just help you run your own process more efficiently. Convert your workflow easily to milestones with built-in email alerts.

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Document Builder With E-Sign

Add, Sign and Store all your docs in one place.

Add documents via our HTML document builder and sign them with our built-in e-Signer, so all your docs stay secure with the job.

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Virtual WHiteboard

Get a 50 ft view of your business.

See the status of each job and know when it is falling behind. Keep your thumb on every job and never let another job slip through the cracks again.

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Secure customer portal

Keep your customers in-the-know.

Updating your customers becomes automatic with our Secure Customer Portal. As milestones get completed, your customers are automatically informed of where they are in the process. Oh, and the Secure Customer Portal also doubles as a secure document repository.

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Permit Process automation

You can only grow as fast as your slowest process (aka. permitting).

Our permit automation widget powered by Expedraft helps to automate the permitting process by expediting site surveys, designs, and engineering stamps.

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