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We put all the apps and tools you already use into one single platform so you can Automate and Scale your business.

Let us show you how…

Tapping a Location on a Map

1) Geolocation Management

Like certain popular apps, you can instantly see which of your prospects are not home, not interested, already have solar, are renting, need a new roof, or want you to come back later.

Canvassers can add a new lead in seconds from their mobile device and have it instantly update across all platforms, eliminating the need for multiple re-entry of data. This is all built in, of course.

2) Scheduler

Canvassers can quickly schedule appointments when setting up a new lead, using our intuitive Scheduling Management System.


3) Quick Proposal System

Why aren’t Solar Sales Proposals simple to create? How long do you wait for proposals right now? If a proposal could be generated in a matter of seconds could it help hasten your sales process? Our quick proposal system is so simple, it may just be the catalyst to propel your company into the stratosphere.

4) Integrated CRM

Take Customer Relationship Management to a new level with complete real-time client and project data. Save time, money, and extra staff while eliminating human error. Get driving direction, add custom fields, track history, add notes, complete milestones, sign documents, etc…

5) E-Signatures

Sign documents right from Solar Sales Tracker. Easily create new documents. Sign and send them to the appropriate parties. Review, Edit & Send docs securely to your customer portal, and much more…

6) Milestones

Your unique way of doing business can be automated using our customizable Milestone system. If you can automate, you can scale. If you can scale without any deals falling through the cracks, the sky’s the limit.

7) Secure Customer Portal

The Secure Customer Portal is a big step for customer retention. Why? Once logged in, your customer can view, print or download pre-loaded documents pertinent to their project. They can sign documents remotely and securely. Get customer support information and even track the status of their project via Customer Status Milestones so they stay in-the-know at all times. When you build a system no one else can, it’s okay to show off a little.

8) Virtual Whiteboard

What if you could ditch the Excel Spreadsheets and still keep track of every deal in real time. What if you were alerted the moment a deal started to fall behind? What if someone you put in charge of that deal was as well. How do you think that would affect accountability? How would that impact the way you run your team or your business? The fact remains you can’t be everywhere at once, and as soon as you aren’t watching, things fall apart. The Virtual Whiteboard is your entire business at a glance, it’s a Game Changer, and it will take your business to the NEXT LEVEL.

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