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Complete Solar Sales Software

Solar Sales Tracker software is designed  to help increase the productivity of your sales team as they call or go door to door.

Gone are the excel spreadsheets and endless stacks of paper! Start tracking the action on your mobile device in real time and never “drop the ball” on a valuable lead again.

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Sales Commission Tracker

Geolocation Management

From the convenience of your mobile device, your door to door sales people can track leads from local neighborhoods to entire cities. With the swipe of a finger, you have all the information you need to set up and close your leads in an easy to understand mobile format. Instantly see which of your prospects are not home, not interested, already have solar, are renting, need a new roof, or want you to come back later. Learn More

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Integrated Solar CRM

Take Customer Relationship Management to a new level with complete real-time client and project data available on any device. Save time, money, and extra staff while eliminating human error.

Get driving direction, add custom additional fields, follow history, add notes, track milestones and sign documents all from the advanced lead view. Learn More

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Real-Time Reporting

Reporting comes in all shapes and sizes. What will it take to make YOU more productive?

How many doors did you knock on to get one appointment? How many appointments does it take to make a sale? How many sales do I need to build an empire?

It’s up to you, but now you can track it! When you can track it, you can learn what works and what doesn’t. Learn More

Appointment Calendar

With our Appointment Scheduling Software, you can divide up into teams and have different appointment setters for each team, or stay together. The point is, you can maintain a real-time schedule, access your proposals, and make sales! Learn More


Tracking all the commissions in real time gives the sales team peace of mind and helps them attain the goals they’ve set. Sending a sales team out knocking on doors has never been easier. Learn More

Time Clock

Using the built-in Time Clock, your D2D people can clock in and out from the neighborhood they are in. You can download the reports to and see if the hours you are paying for are worth it. Learn More


Track every Milestone from lead to installation with built-in reminders and alerts. You can choose to lock the milestones until each step is completed.  Every step is trackable, ensuring nothing ever slips through the cracks again. Learn More


Proposal Software Integration allows solar energy installers to manage their critical business operations such as detailed site audit data capture and centralized material and labor pricing. Online generation of customized sales proposals, contracts, RFQs and POs. Learn More


Use integrated E-Signatures to sign all online documents with an easy-to-use interface and no service fees. Save paper, time, and money. Learn More

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